Christmas Elf Costumes

Christmas Elf Costumes

With the holidays nearing, you may be in need of Christmas elf costumes. Elves are Santa's little helpers and are often part of Christmas plays, pictures and parties.

The classic Christmas elf is a dwarf like creature dressed in green with red, yellow and white accents. He may wear a pointy green hat and pointy green-toed slippers. Male elves often wear clothing similar to a Bavarian Swiss yodeler. This look is created with green tights or a green jacket over yellow stretch pants, which is similar to what Buddy the Elf wore in the movie Elf. Female elves can dress in the same type of costume as a male elf, or in a sexy elf outfit with a miniskirt and low cut top.

If you want to dress the whole family this season, be sure to check out our Christmas Costumes pages for more inspiration.

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